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Pirates in America
The Pirates' House
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The Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia
In 1733, General Oglethorpe and his colonists arrived from England in what they would soon found as the city of Savannah.
They located a plot of land now known as the Trustees Garden. Ten acres wide, it provided a wonderful spot to plant the first experimental garden in the United States. Gardeners and botanists from England went around the world to collect different plants. Despite the failure of several plants due to soil and weather, other things like cotton, olives, herbs, spices, indigo and much more flourished. This was also where the first of Georgia's famous peach trees was planted.
Over the following years, the new city grew, and the garden became a place for residents. Many new buildings emerged, including an inn. It quickly became a "hang-out" for pirates. Many legends still exist about what went on in the Pirates' House, including one of a secret passage from the Old Rum Cellar.
Interestingly, the Pirates' House is supposedly mentioned in the book Treasure Island. One of the characters, Captain Flint, is said to have died in the inn. Some still say that his ghost haunts the Pirates' House.


Muppet Treasure Island, 1996


The Trustees' Garden